TCT Circuit Supply offers a complete line of World Class materials used in the fabrication of sophisticated rigid and flexible Printed Circuit Boards.

In addition to TCT’s line of cutting tool and repoint services, we are proud to offer a selection of industry leading products for the Drill Area, including backup and entry materials, tapes, pins and other specialty items.

In the Lamination Area, TCT is proud to work with Airtech’s extensive product offering of lamination assist films and conformal, Co-Tech’s comprehensive offering of electro deposited copper foils, CA Picard and their best in class offering of Lamination Tooling & Separator Plates and accessories, Enflo’s virgin grade PTFE skived Teflon, and TCT’s line of pressing and conformal assist products.

Bridging both the Drill and Lamination Areas, TCT works closely with a number of equipment manufacturers.  This includes Schmoll’s line of drill, router, laser and imaging systems;  Bürkle’s lamination solutions; Impex’s meausurement systems; atg’s electrical test systems; Schmid full line of processing systems, and Notion Systems’ line of printing systems.  We are proud to work with each of these industry leading manufacturers.

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