The UCST is designed for optimal hole wall quality in today's modern laminates. The undercut design reduces heat and is suitable for a broad range of materials

  • Undercut Design
  • Improved Hole Wall Quality
  • Reduced cutting heat

    Find a range of common sizes offered below. Custom diameters and flute lengths are available upon request.

  • Diameter Range (d)Flute Length (ℓ)
    MetricWire/FractionalDec. InchSNL
    0.55mm – 0.65mm#75 – #72.0210” – .0256”7.0mm (0.275”)8.0mm (0.314”)
    0.70mm – 1.20mm#71 – #56.0260” – .0472”8.0mm (0.314”)10.0mm (0.394”)
    1.25mm – 1.60mm#55 – 1/16”.0492” – .0630”12.0mm (0.472”)

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