The CR Series provides superior debris evacuation by way of its open flute geometry. Designed to optimize table speeds while maintaining edge finish and debris removal, it is constructed with premium carbide to maximize life. This router is designed for the demanding mix of material seen in the North American market.

  • Chip Removal
  • Optimize table speed while maintaining good edge finish and debris removal
  • Premium Carbide for Maximum Tool Life

    Find a range of common sizes offered below. Custom diameters, flute lengths, and fishtail are available upon request.

  • Diameter Range (d)Flute Length (ℓ)
    MetricWire/FractionalDec. Inch
    0.80mm1/32”.0315”4.5mm (0.177”)
    0.90mm-1.00mm.0354” – .0400”5.0mm (0.197”)8.0mm (0.315”)
    1.10mm-1.50mm3/64”.0433” – .0590”6.0mm (0.236”)8.0mm (0.315”)
    1.60mm-2.30mm1/16 – 5/64”.0625” – .0906”8.0mm (0.315”)10.0mm (0.394”)
    2.40mm-3.175mm3/32” – 1/8”.0938” – .1250”10.0mm (0.394”)12.0mm (0.472”)

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