The TCT E300 Series is a Three Flute Endmill for milling and fine materials to serve your PCB fabrication needs.

  • Three Flutes
  • Excellent for milling and fine materials.

    Find a range of common sizes offered below. Custom diameters and flute lengths are available upon request.

  • Diameter Range (d)Flute Length (ℓ)
    MetricWire/FractionalDec. Inch
    0.40mm1/64″.0157″2.0mm (0.079″)
    0.50mm.0197″3.0mm (0.188″)
    0.60mm.0236″3.0mm (0.188″)3.5mm (0.137″)
    0.70mm.0276″3.0mm (0.188″)4.0mm (0.157″)
    0.80mm1/32″.0315″3.0mm (0.188″)4.0mm (0.157″)4.5mm (0.177″)
    1.00mm.0394″5.0mm (0.197″)6.0mm (0.236″)7.0mm (0.275″)
    1.20mm3/64″.0472″6.5mm (0.255″)7.0mm (0.275″)
    1.30mm.0512″6.5mm (0.255″)7.0mm (0.275″)
    1.50mm.0591″6.5mm (0.255″)8.0mm (0.314″)
    1.60mm1/16″.0630″6.5mm (0.255″)8.0mm (0.314″)
    1.80mm.0709″6.5mm (0.255″)8.0mm (0.314″)
    2.00mm.0787″8.0mm (0.314″)10.0mm (0.394″)
    2.40mm3/32″.0945″8.0mm (0.314″)10.0mm (0.394″)
    3.175mm1/8″.1250″9.5mm (0.374″)12.0mm (0.472″)

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