Chip-breaker Router (CB) are deisgned to optimize edge finish in high productivity routing applications while simultaneously giving good finished part dimensional control.

  • Chip Breaker
  • Optimize edge finish
  • Dimensional Control

    Find a range of common sizes offered below. Custom diameters, flute lengths, and fishtail are available upon request.

  • Diameter Range (d)Flute Length (ℓ)
    MetricWire/FractionalDec. Inch
    0.80mm1/32”.0315”4.5mm (0.177”)
    0.90mm-1.00mm.0354” – .0400”5.0mm (0.197”)8.0mm (0.315”)
    1.10mm-1.50mm3/64”.0433” – .0590”6.0mm (0.236”)8.0mm (0.315”)
    1.60mm-2.30mm1/16 – 5/64”.0625” – .0906”8.0mm (0.315”)10.0mm (0.394”)
    2.40mm-3.175mm3/32” – 1/8”.0938” – .1250”10.0mm (0.394”)12.0mm (0.472”)

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