The FLEX series is specially designed for drilling flexible printed circuits. With unique shear angles, FLEX Series drills improve hole wall quality in F-PCBs while avoiding tears and fragments between inner layers.

  • Flex Design
  • Improved Hole Wall Quality
  • Avoiding tears and fragments in inner layers

    Find a range of common sizes offered below. Custom diameters and flute lengths are available upon request.

  • Diameter Range (d)Flute Length (ℓ)
    MetricWire/FractionalDec. Inch
    0.15mm#97 – #93.0059” – .0075”3.5mm (0.137”)
    0.20mm#92 – #89.0079” – .0091”5.5mm (0.217”)
    0.25mm#88 – #84.0098” – .0115”6.7mm (0.264”)
    0.30mm#83 – #81.0118” – .0130”8.7mm (0.343”)

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